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Start Your Child’s Competitive Journey in Track and Field

About Coastal Georgia Track Team

Coastal Georgia Track Team is a nonprofit organization established in 2017 by Coach Isaiah D. Taylor. We are an active participant in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Our team consists of athletes ranging from 8 to 16 years old and are from Richmond Hill, Savannah, Hinesville, Ludowici, and Fort Stewart, Georgia.

WE are committed to mentoring and building up young children to become model athletes and outstanding citizens of society. Dedicated to promoting education in our athletes, we teach them needed life skills and responsibilities as men and women.

Our coaching staff is comprised of active duty soldiers, former athletes, and parents who have excelled in various sports at the college level and throughout their military careers. They focus on basic running techniques, speed development, endurance training, and sportsmanship.

In March 2017, the Coastal Georgia Track Team started gathering children who are into sports by advertising through flyers and social media. Today, we have built a solid team of players who work together to achieve a common goal. Our team travels around Georgia and other areas to include: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida  to compete and find new recruits.

Our History: The Beginning

February 2017

Coastal Georgia Track Team was established by Coach Taylor with 10 athletes.

March 2017

With only a short amount of time together to practice, the team took five athletes to compete in the AAU Indoor National Championships in Hyattesville, Maryland. They returned home placing in the top 8 in the 4x400m and 4X800m relays.

July 2017

The team took 10 athletes to the AAU Club Championships in Orlando, Florida. Three athletes placed within the top 8 of their age divisions and events: high jump, long jump, shotput, and javelin throw.

December 2017

The team competed in their first indoor track meet (NC United Indoor Track Meet). Jasai Taylor the first athlete to set a new indoor meet record in the Boys (13-14y/o) 400m run.

March 2018

With 1 full year under Coach Taylor’s belt, the team competed again in the AAU Indoor National Championships in Hyattesville, Maryland. Nine athletes competed in various track and field events. The team brought home five individual medals in the Boys (11y/o) 60m hurdle, Boys (10y/o) 1500m run, Boys (11y/o) 3000m run, Boys (11y/o) Long Jump, and the Boys (13y/o) shotput.

June 2018

Our first athlete to qualify in the Girls (9y/o) 1500m run for the AAU Junior Olympics in Des Moines, Iowa is part of our team.

July 2018

During the AAU Club Championships, the team brought home medals in the Boys (10y/o) triathlon, Boys (11y/o) pentathlon, Gilrs (11y/0) 400m, Boys (10y/o) 4x100m relay, Boys (14y/o) 4x800m relay, Girls (11y/o) discus, and Boys (14y/o) shotput.

August 2018

We ended the season with 36 registered athletes.


December 2018

The team competed in the NC United Indoor Track Meet. The 13-14 y/o Boys Division broke the meet record in the 4x200m Relay.  Their time was 1:46 (Jasai Taylor, Shawn Johnson, KeMorey Dobson, Roman Slaughter).

Janurary 2019

The team took home their first team trophy at the Under Armour South Carolina Challenge. 22 athletes competed in this meet, each placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their perspective events, allowing for a 2nd place overall team trophy. 

May 2019

At the Atlanta Georgia Relays Samaya Scranton ran 2:25 in the 800m run. She set a new personnel best and broke the meet record in the 800m run. 

June 2019

The team prepared for the District and Regional Qualifiers for the Junior Olympics being held in Greensboro, NC. The team had 4 District Champions (Jayden Taylor 800m; Caeylin Menzie Shot Put; Samaya Scranton 400m; Kason Hall Shotput.) Had a total of 23 District Qualifiers moving onto the Regional Meet. At the Regional Meet the team had two Region Champions (Samaya Scranton 400m/800m; John Dodson 3000m). The Regional Meet ended with 20 Regional Qualfiers moving on to the 2019 Junior Olmypics. 

August 2019

The team competed at the Junior Olympics in Greensboro, NC, 19 athletes traveled to NC striving to achieve 
All American status. Of the 19 athletes, 3 athletes achieved All American status in  multiple events - Samaya Scranton, John Dodson, and Jaylen Irish.  

Janurary 2020

For the 2nd year, the team competed at the Under Armour South Carolina Challenge, 30 athletes competed at this  meet. The CGTT boys took home 1st place team trophy.  

March 2020

Faced with challenges of the pandemic, the team continued training under strict safety guidelines and social distancing. Practices consisted of 7-10 iterations of 10 or less athletes 2-3 times a week.

June 2020

As COVID-19 restrictions lifted, the team competed in several track meets to showcase their hard work, despite the pandemic. Athletes were prepared and ready to run, maintaining their speed and hitting personal bests leading into the Junior Olympics.

August 2020

Fifteen athletes traveled to Satellite Beach, Florida to compete in the Junior Olympics. For many, it was their first appearance at a National Meet and the new normal under COVID restrictions. The athletes performed outstanding with seven athletes returning to south east Georgia with All American statuses - Kinley Gibson, Timothy Alston, John Dodson, Jayden Taylor, Jaylen Irish, Kendrick Joshua, Jasai Taylor.

 December 2020

At the Galleria Games in Birminham, Alabam Jayden Taylor ran 2:18 in the 800m run and set a new meet record. 

Records and Achievements



30 December 2017

400m Boys 13-14y/o


Jasai Taylor


29 December 2018

4x200m Relay 13-14 Boys


(Jasai Taylor, KeMorey Dobson, Roman Slaughter, Shawn Johnson)


25-26 May 2019

800m Girls 11-12 y/o


Samaya Scranton


19 December 2020

800m Boys 11-12 y/o


Jayden Taylor


12-14 March 2021

800m Boys 13 y/o


Jayden Taylor


18 December 2021

800m Girls 9-10 y/o


Trinity Perine

2017 AAU Indoor National Championship

4x400m Relay Boys 9y/o

6th Place

Jaden Tibbs, Timothy Alston

Jamari Walthour, Jayden Taylor

4x800m Relay Boys 9y/o

3rd Place

Jaden Tibbs, Timothy Alston

Jamari Walthour, Jayden Taylor

2017 AAU National Club Championships

High Jump Boys 13y/o

4th Place

Jasai Taylor

Long Jump Boys 13y/o

5th Place

Jasai Taylor

Shot Put Boys 12y/o

6th Place

Jahir Tibbs

Javelin Throw Boys 9y/o

4th Place

Jayden Taylor


2018 AAU Indoor National Championship

60m Hurdle Boys 11y/o

3rd Place

Kendrick Joshua

1500m Run Boys 10y/o

6th Place

Jayden Taylor

3000m Run Boys 11y/o

4th Place

Malik Ward

Shot Put Boys 13y/o

6th Place

Jahir Tibbs

Long Jump Boys 11y/o

5th Place

Kendrick Joshua

2018 AAU National Club Championships

Triathlon Boys 10y/o

2nd Place

Jayden Taylor

Pentathlon Boys 11y/o

5th Place

Kendrick Joshua

400m Run Girls 11y/o

6th Place

Samaya Scranton

Discus Throw Girls 11y/o

6th Place

Zion Smithbey

Shot Put Boys 14y/o

7th Place

KeMon Dobson

4x100m Relay Boys 10y/o

3rd Place

Tilman Smithbey, Jayden Taylor

Zion Sharpe, Jaylen Irish

4x800m Relay Boys 14y/o

4th Place

Jasai Taylor, KeMon Dobson,

KeMorey Dobson, Shawn Johnson

2019 Under Armour SC Challe​nge

Indoor Track Meet

2nd ​Place Team Trophy

2019 Georgia District Qualifier

District Champions

Kason Hall - Shot Put 9 y/o Boys

Caeylin Menzie - Shot Put 11 y/o Boys

Samaya Scranton - 400m 12 y/o Girls

Jayden Taylor - 800m 11 y/o Boys

2019 Region 8 Qualifier

Region Champions

Samaya Scranton - 400m & 800m 12 y/o Girls

John Dodson - 3000m 13 y/o Boys

2019 Junior Olympics

Samaya Scranton (12 y/o)

400m - 5th Place

800m - 6th Place

Jaylen Irish (11 y/o)

200m - 8th Place

John Dodson (13 y/o)

3000m - 7th Place 

2019 Primary Nationals (8 & Under)

Marleigh Dailey (5 & Under)

Shotput - 1st Place

Triathalon - 4th Place 

Long Jump - 5th Place

Kyree Hall (8 y/o)

Shotput - 7th Place

Triathalon - 4th Place

DarMari Menzie (6 y/o)

Triathalon - 6th Place 

2019 AAU National Club Championship 

Danielle Knox (11 y/o)

3000m - 3rd Place

Samaya Scranton (12 y/o)

400m - 4th Place

800m - 5th Place

Artevion Walker (8 & Under)

100m - 8th Place

200m - 8th Place

Jaylen Irish (11 y/o)

100m - 7th Place

200m - 5th Place

Jayden Taylor (11 y/o)

800m - 6th Place

Caeylin Menzie (11 y/o)

Javelin - 7th Place

1500m Race Walk - 4th Place

Kendrick Joshua (12 y/o)

Pentathlon - 3rd Place

DarVante' Menzie (13 y/o)

High Jump - 7th Place

Jasai Taylor (15-16 y/o)

400m Hurdles - 5th Place

4x100m Relay Boys (11 y/o)

 Tilman Smithbey, Kendrick Joshua

Jayden Taylor, Jaylen Irish 

Sprint Medley Relay 1600m Boys  (15-16 y/o)

Anfernee Jackson, Jasai Taylor

Kiale Kehoe, KeMon Dobson 


2020 Under Armour SC Challe​nge

Indoor Track Meet

1st Place Boys Team Trophy

2020 Junior Olympics

Kinley Gibson

200m Girls 11y/o - 5th Place

400m Girls 11y/o - 4th Place

Jasai Taylor

400m Boys 15/16y/o - 6th Place

400m Hurdles Boys 15/16y/o - 4th Place 

Jayden Taylor

400m Boys 12y/o - 5th Place

800m Boys 12y/o - 2nd Place

Jaylen Irish

100m Boys 12y/o - 3rd Place

200m Boys 12y/o - 3rd Place

400m Boys 12y/o - 3rd Place

John Dodson

1500m Boys 14y/o - 6th Place

3000m Boys 14y/o - 3rd Place

Kendrick Joshua

100m Boys 13y/o - 5th Place

400m Boys 13y/o - 3rd Place

Timothy Alston Jr

100m Hurdles Boys 13y/o - 4th Place 

200m Hurdles Boys 13y/o - 4th Place 

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