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Molding Young Minds to Become Future Sports Superstars

What Our Trainees Have to Say

Parents and teachers in Savannah, Georgia seek our coaches’ help to advance their children’s athletic skills. Find out why they prefer Coastal Georgia Track Team by reading their testimonials.

Stanley 2.jpg

“We couldn’t ask for a better track Family or coaches!!!”

- L.W.

“Could not go without saying something. Just want to tell each coach, team mom, dad, and child THANK YOU for giving my family a chance to teach the fundamentals of the sport, along with trusting Coach Taylor with your child, whether on the track or traveling. I have watched all of you how you have stuck together to make things happen and make Coastal Georgia a success! I am so very proud of you all!”

- T.D.

“Thank you Isaiah for allowing me to bring Brandon to get that work! Im sure it will pay off! #salute”

- L.M.

“We cannot thank you all enough for all of your work and dedication. CGTT coaches and families really are something special. Thank you for mentoring, leading, training and CARING for all of our kids. We can't wait until fall! #letseat”

- T.M.

Our Team at a Glance 

Catch a glimpse of what goes on in every training session by browsing the photos in our gallery.

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